Joe Harrison - Todd Joyce - Tony Arrasmith

We've been friends for years, so it was about time we decided to work together.  The three of us combined, have over 75 years of experience producing stills for advertising imagery.  A few years ago, we teamed together to produce exciting video/motion and stills for advertising and design.   We have a ton of experience working on large and small productions and we each bring a wealth of talents to create a team that can tackle about anything.   We've produced television and short films and we've shot from speed boats, row boats and have rigged cranes to hang from the back of trucks.  And we provide FAA Licensed aerial drone work too!  There really isn't anything we won't do to create incredible imagery. 


Our clients appreciate that we can produce stills and video, making their campaign as cohesive as possible.  Your TV and web will look like your print.  No need to hire different production companies to deal with multiple media.  We produce, shoot, edit and deliver what you need.  We take care of everything, so you don't have to.  If you are in the Cincinnati region, you've likely worked with one of us, so reach out to us to discuss your next project.  We will work together to give you what you need. If you haven't worked with one of us before, please contact Todd to discuss your project.

Todd Joyce        513-421-1209

Joe Harrison      859-240-9319

Tony Arrasmith  513-658-3102

Motion and still imagery for the advertising industry


Optic Lizard Story

Video and motion located in Cincinnati Ohio.  Directors, videography / videographers and production services for healthcare, commercial and industrial advertising.

We travel about anywhere to produce high end video for commercial advertising and promotion.  Interviews and television production.